Cameo ZENIT® B60 B

We already have 12 units of the new Led Cameo ZENIT® B60 B projector

Battery with W-DMX ™ technology IP65 PAR Light black

With the operation of the battery, the wireless feature of DMX and IP65, the Cameo ZENIT® B60 is prepared for lighting applications indoors and outdoors. The high tech PAR offers 4 LEDs of 15 W RGBW It creates with a life of 50,000 hours and power of 1,900 lm of output for bright and uniform colors with a precision of dispersion of 11º. For extra versatility, it has two specially designed light design diffusers that offer a selection of beam angles of 25 ° or 40 ° while maintaining the output.
In addition to seven modes of DMX control, remote RDM and IR or manuals through the device screen, the ZENIT® B60 incorporates a 2.4GHz W-DMX ™ receiver. Developed by Wireless Solution Sweden AB, W-DMX ™ has become the non-official standard for the control of professional wireless lighting. The lithium ion battery of the large capacity of the luminaire is manufactured by LG Chem offering reliable performance up to 24 hours from a single charge with an adjustable run time in increments of one hour. Intelligent control automatically calculates the brightness, and the PAR battery’s battery management system prevents an overload and an exhaustive download for the battery life.
An upgrade speed of 3,600 Hz for non-flashing performance and a highly efficient convection cooling for a no-sound operation, the ZENIT® B60 is perfect for movie and television applications. It uses the 16-bit technology for blending and mild high-resolution color attenuation and includes an individual LED color temperature correction plus a selection of adjustment curves with adjustable response. The aluminum housing features a bright OLED screen with four touch buttons for easy configuration, while a security block prevents unauthorized access to the menu.