d&b E8 & E12X-SUB

We expanded to 12 d&b E8 and 2 E12X-SUB units.


The E8 is a high-performance 2-way multi-purpose loudspeaker, which employs an integrated coaxial motor. The E8 can be used for voice and music applications as a stand-alone full-range system, or incorporated into larger distributed sound reinforcement situations. With the addition of an E12X subwoofer in passive or active mode or any other E-series subwoofer, you can also easily play higher-level music program. The multifaceted form of the box allows to use either in a vertical or horizontal orientation, as well as the deployment as a stage monitor. The 90 ° x 50 ° dispersion pattern (H x V) of the horn is easily orientable at 90 ° so that the pattern of 50 ° x 90 ° dispersion. The E8 cabinet is constructed from integral hard foam polyurethane with an impact resistant paint finish that incorporates a handle and an outlet for accepting speaker stands. The speaker box is also available in special color (SC) and weather-resistant options (WR). Both options are supplied with metal plates in the specified color that cover the pull handles for the base and the speaker.


We have the compact, lightweight and high performance E12X-SUB subwoofer that is used with the speakers of the E-series of d&b. The integrated passive crossover network allows the E12X-SUB to work in parallel to the E8 speakers on the same amplifier channel, greatly expanding the dynamic range of low frequencies and bandwidth of the systems. As an alternative, they can actively work through their own amplifier channel without making any changes to the subwoofer. In active mode, the E12X-SUB can be used as a complement to any E Series box. The E12X-SUB box is made of a plywood with impact-resistant finish, a handle and an M20 threaded edge on top To support the d&b speaker M20 support handle. The speaker box is also available with special color options (SC) and weather resistant (WR).