Y-Series de d&b

New generation Y Series, point source speakers and specific subwoofers. Perfect for medium and small size applications. From concerts and religious services to symposiums and automotive fairs, the Y Series covers the individual needs of all types of programs.

In essence, all of the Y-Series housings feature two 8 “low frequency motors that deliver vibrant, transparent performance, while the 1.4” compression motor delivers smooth, precise high frequencies. Rotating trumpets allow easy application in any orientation, the Y7P and Y10P spot-point loudspeakers offer horizontal dispersion angles of 75 ° and 110 ° respectively and ensure horizontal directivity control up to 500 Hz, which is especially useful in reverberant environments Or acoustically difficult.


The Y-SUB is an active cardioid subwoofer powered by a single amplifier channel. It houses two long-excursion neodymium motors in an integrated cardioid configuration, an 18 “engine in a forward-facing bass-reflex camera and a 12” engine in a two-chamber bandpass design that emits towards the rear. The cardioid dispersion pattern resulting from this arrangement avoids the energy distribution behind the system, provides the highest precision in low frequency reproduction and reduces the energy that is dispersed in unwanted areas.The Y-SUB is equipped with rigging accessories Of three points and can be hung in a column formed only by subwoofers AND, on top of an arrangement of Y or can be used in stacks on the floor.The box is made of plywood with a finish of PCP (polyurea protection box) Resistant to impacts and weather conditions.The front of the speaker box is protected by a rigid metal grid covered by an acoustic foam Transparent and the side panels incorporate two handles with four wheels on the back. An optional transport cover protects the front of the subwoofer during transfers.