“Jerusalem” by Jordi Savall

April 26, 2014

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“Jerusalem” by Jordi Savall

Saturday April 26th, 2014

“Jerusalem The City of the Two Steps” at the Sacred Music Festival of the World of Fez

Interpreted by La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Hespèrion XXI and guest musicians from Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Armenia, Sufi Group and Greece. With the direction of Jordi Savall.
Berlin, Pierre Boulez Saal 12/6/17

Wroclaw, Teatr Polzki 17/05/16

Singapore, Concert Hall Esplanade 04/26/14

Melbourne, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall 04/22/14

Sidney, Opera House 04/20/14

Helsinki, Music Center 09/04/11

Geneva, Bâtimen des Forces Motrices 11/29/11

Lodz, Teatr Wielki Lodzi 10/14/10

Fez, Bab al Machine 06/09/10

Norwich, Royal Theater 10/15/10

Cambrige, Sanders Theater, 05/05/10

New York, Jazz Lincoln Center, 05/03/10

Montreal, Place dels Arts, 4/29/10

Brussels, Palau Belles Arts 10/01/10

Barcelona, Auditorium, 4/6/08