Montsalvat Orquestra and Choir

September 12, 2014

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Montsalvat Orquestra and Choir

Friday September 12th, 2014

Montsalvat orchestra and choir, recording of L. Cherubini’s Requiem and Symphony No. 5 by L.v.Beethoven

The new project by the Montsalvat Orchestra interrelates some specific works in the history of European classical music with the end of the War of the Succession, as well as the historical-political situation that the country lives today. For this interrelation, the architectural spaces that have reached our times are fundamental. They were the ruins of the Born in the project ‘Heroicity and Heroism’ and it has been the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar as an example of the survival of a church so linked to the events of 1714 (Fossar de les Moreres, wedding of Archduke Charles of Austria, pretension to demolish Philip V, etc.). A requiem of homage to the defenders of Barcelona: remember the fallen to the siege of Barcelona, ​​300 years and one day after the fall of the capital. A fall that supposed the final defeat to the War of Succession and the consequent loss of the national liberties of Catalonia. Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, 12/09/14.